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About WYZZ Tv Fox 43

WYZZ Tv also referred to as FOX 43 is an American tv station affiliated to Fox Network based in Bloomington, IL. It is a Digital Full-Power – 1000 kW television station broadcasting on local digital VHF channel43and is owned by Sinclair.

WYZZ Tv Fox 43 Live Streaming

Its programming comes from Fox Network targeting the Peoria-Bloomington audience.

List of WYZZ Tv Fox 43 Reporters and Anchors

  1. Eugene Daniel
  2. Kimberly Eiten
  3. Rebecca Brumfield
  4. Mark Welp
  5. Shelbey Roberts
  6. Yvonne Greer
  7. Chris Yates
  8. Molly Naslund
  9. Zach Hatcher
  10. Kurt Pegler
  11. Matt McClain
  12. Kevin Schwaller
  13. Brittni Clemons
  14. Sean Lisitza
  15. Nick Molinari
  16. Darronté Matthews
  17. Shaun Newell
  18. Jaymee Toler
  19. Janie Bohlmann
  20. Treasure Roberts
  21. Matt Sheehan
  22. Munashe Kwangwari
  23. Andrew Harvey
  24. Morgan McHugh
  25. Sara Allen
  26. Jennifer Hollimon
  27. Justin Brown
  28. Mark Maxwell

WYZZ Tv Fox 43 Contacts

Website: https://www.centralillinoisproud.com/


Fox 43 Profile Summary



·         Market Area Peoria – Bloomington
·         Network Affiliate
·         Virtual channel 43
·         Owner  Sinclair

More information about Fox 43

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