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Scott Clifton born Scott Clifton Snyder is an American actor, musician, and video blogger, best known for his appearance in General Hospital, One Life to Live and in The Bold and the Beautiful.

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Scott Clifton Biography

Scott Clifton born Scott Clifton Snyder is an American actor, musician, and video blogger, best known for his appearance in General Hospital, One Life to Live and in The Bold and the Beautiful. He has won three Daytime Emmy Awards.

Scott Clifton Age | How Old Is Scott Clifton

Scott was born on 31 October 1984 in Los Angeles, California, United States. He is 34 years old as of 2018

Scott Clifton Family

He was born as the only child of Ron and Faye Snyder. He was raised in the Greater Los Angeles Area of Southern California, the Santa Clarita Valley and the San Fernando Valley.

Scott Clifton Wife | Scott Clifton Wedding | Who Is Scott Clifton Married To

He is married to his longtime girlfriend Nicole Lampson. The couple wed on October 20, 2012.

Scott Clifton Baby

He has a son, Ford Robert Clifton born on May 6, 2016.

Scott Clifton Atheist

He is an atheist
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Scott Clifton Height | How Tall Is Scott Clifton

He stands at a height of 1.8 meters

Scott Clifton Bold And The Beautiful

He was cast as Liam Spencer in the American television soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful

Scott Clifton General Hospital

He was cast as Dillon Quartermaine in the American daytime television medical drama General Hospital from 2003 to 2007

Scott Clifton Girl Go Home

He released his album Girl Go Home on 21 April 2014, which was produced by Jeff Pescetto

Scott Clifton Songs

Years Songs


Little Drummer Boy


The Inside-Out


Girl Go Home



Love Song




Scott Clifton Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth of around $200 thousand

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Scott Clifton Interview

Icymi Scott Clifton Interview

It’s been a heady time for Scott Clifton who, after snagging his first Lead Actor win at the Daytime Emmys on April 30, celebrated son Ford’s first birthday six days later. “Yeah, that was a cool week off,” he reflects. “To go from stealing the Emmy to getting off the grid right after on a three-day camping trip with no cell phone, no nothing, and then I came back right in time for Ford’s birthday. We threw him a big party with the family. They all wanted to hold the trophy and take pictures, which was fun. We had to move the Emmys, though. Those pointy wings are weapons! I still have two major cuts on my hand from that night, so they’re very high up now. I had a bookshelf that had spaces carved out for the two. Now that doesn’t work anymore, so I moved them to another part of the house that’s way more out of reach.”
Though he chides himself for doing it, Clifton can’t help but gush about his adorable boy. “I feel like I’m bragging and I hate that, but there are things about Ford that I can’t possibly take credit for in terms of his intelligence and his ability,” says Dad. “He’s been ahead of the curve every step of the way. Seeing him at his first birthday party successfully hitting the piñata? That was amazing. We have a Nest Cam, a bedroom nursery camera, and there’s an app on your phone where you can log in and see what the camera is recording. Well, Nikki was showing Ford the live feed of himself, and Ford was able to look at the phone, look around the room and locate the camera. He pointed to it! He could tell where the shot was coming from and he walked right over to the camera. He sure as hell doesn’t get that from me! He’s as physically capable as a 1-year-old can be. I moonwalked for him in the kitchen the other day and within an hour he was walking backward, trying to do it. I’m sorry. There I go again!”
The family’s three cats have also taken a shine to Ford. “You are touching on my favorite subject now,” Clifton grins. “Two of them find him fascinating and interesting and tolerate him, but they keep their distance. One of our cats, our girl, plays this game with him where she lets him chase her and when he gets about a foot away, she runs 10 feet away and then waits for him to catch up. Then, when he gets a foot away, she’ll move again. They do this time and time again, all around the house. The great love affair is with Walter White, who played Boo on our show [the rescue cat that Liam gave to Hope in 2014]. They are best friends. They are inseparable. They lay together. Walter cleans Ford. Ford pets Walter, and I have the video to prove it.”
When they’re not playing with their feline friends, one of Clifton’s other favorite father/son activities is taking Ford to the park. “Sometimes I do it five times a week,” he says. “First of all, it gives Nikki time to nap or do something for herself, which she doesn’t get to do when I’m at work. So when we go to the park, he flirts with all the girls and I’m like, ‘Ford, stop it,’ and it rubs off! We’ll come home and I’m like, ‘Nikki, if I weren’t married to you, I would be knee-deep in MILF territory thanks to this kid.’ ”
Discovering each new phase of development has been a revelation for the actor, who is an only child. “I never grew up around other siblings, so Ford is the first baby I’ve ever really had a relationship with,” he explains. Fortunately, he has some dads on the B&B set to help guide him. “Don [Diamont, Bill] is the guru of all parenting, especially for boys [since Diamont raised seven boys], so I’ve had the luxury of absorbing through osmosis a lot of fatherly advice from him,” Clifton relays. “Early on, I had entire conversations with him about diaper changing and bottle feeding, all of it. Thorsten’s [Kaye, Ridge] advice is more like [imitating Kaye’s brogue], ‘Quit your worrying. You’re so neurotic. Just stop it.’ I’ve got the best of both worlds.”

As for future family expansion, Clifton shares, “As an only child, yes, I got all the presents at Christmas but there’s nobody I got to share my childhood with, from a child’s point of view. So, I do want Ford to have a sibling. I just don’t want to have to parent that sibling. Dude, I am so not ready to do what we just did all over again. This has been the hardest year of my life.”

But one that has been transformative in ways he never could have imagined. “There’s no switch to click that turns you into a grown-up,” Clifton observes. “We’re all just faking it, aren’t we? I don’t know how I’m supposed to feel — but I know what I’m supposed to do, and you just fake it until you’re not really faking it anymore. It could be just me, but I bet that’s what happens with everyone when they become a parent. We all just fake it until we make it, and before you know it you’re an adult, and you don’t know when that even took place.”

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