Phillip Jensen Biography, Age, Family, Ministry and Website

Phillip Jensen is an Australian cleric of the Anglican Diocese of Sydney and also the former Dean of St Andrew’s Cathedral.

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Phillip Jensen Biography

Phillip Jensen is an Australian cleric of the Anglican Diocese of Sydney and also the former Dean of St Andrew’s Cathedral. He is the brother of Peter Jensen.

Phillip Jensen Age

No information on his age is revealed to the public. He is entirely secretive about this.

Phillip Jensen Family

No information on his parents or siblings is revealed to the public.

Phillip Jensen Wife

He has a wife named Helen. He married her in 1969.

Phillip Jensen Children

No information on his children is disclosed to the public.

Phillip Jensen

Phillip Jensen Educational Background

He studied theology at Moore Theological College from 1967 to 1970. He won the Hey Sharp prize for coming first in the Licenciate of Theology.

Phillip Jensen Ministry

His work at UNSW included the development of the Ministry Training Strategy that trained young men and women in practical ministry skills, preparing them for, ordained or otherwise, church ministry. He also established the Matthias Media Australian Christian publishing house to allow Australian writers to publish Christian literature.

He resulted the revitalization of the Katoomba Christian Convention from 1974 to 1991. He also wrote the gospel tract Two Ways To Live and established The Briefing. He was also involved in setting up some independent evangelical churches and facilitating connections between them and Sydney’s Anglican Diocese.

Jensen was named Dean of Sydney in 2003 by the chapter of St Andrew’s Cathedral in Sydney. Jensen announced on 6 July 2014 to the cathedral parishes that he would resign as dean and leave at the end of 2014.

Phillip Jensen Quotes

“This is the cosmic ruler who hears the sparrow fall and monitors the hairs on our head. He works in all things, not just in some things. There is no limit to God’s involvement in our lives. We”

“Guidance only comes to the humble—to those who sorrow over their sin, and are prepared to listen and change; that is, repent. Faith”

“The best way to live is God’s way. His commands are not burdensome (1 John 5:3); they are made for us to enjoy life. God made the world. He is the only person qualified to write the User’s Manual. And because he is loving and generous, his instructions will always lead to the best and happiest life. The”

“The first step towards understanding God’s guidance is to understand the guiding God. We need to explore his character and the way he achieves his plans before we can tackle the nitty-gritty issues we are all so interested in.”

Phillip Jensen Website

To get more information on Phillip books, sermons and conferences, visit his official website at

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