A then-26-year-old Crystal married Hefner, then 86, in an intimate ceremony at the Playboy Mansion on New Year’s Eve in 2012. She infamously called off their wedding just five days before they had initially planned to walk down the aisle, but the two later tied the knot.

And even though there was a 60-year age difference between the two, which sparked scrutiny from some, that didn’t matter to Crystal.“It was almost as if he was a boy, a young boy, whose dreams had come true… He was childlike throughout his whole life.”As for how she handled the public’s mixed opinions on their marriage, Crystal ultimately just knew the truth behind their union. ­“The reality is I feel so lucky that I was in a relationship where I was so loved, and so cared for, and respected, I appreciate that so much,” she shared, adding that she hopes “that other people can find that.”In fact, Crystal has spoken candidly about her relationship with Hefner over the years, showing people that despite misconceptions the pair were truly happy.

Although it’s been a little over a year since his death and she’s “doing OK” now, losing Hefner was initially tough for the “Girls Next Door” alum. Crystal has also been very involved with Julien’s Auctions, which is holding an auction on Friday and Saturday, featuring around 800 iconic items that belonged to Hefner, including silk pajamas and a captain’s hat, that will benefit the Playboy publisher’s foundation.

Currently, the former reality star runs a lifestyle and travel blog and is dabbling in real estate in Los Angeles. “I’ve been keeping pretty busy,” she notes. Asked about her time as a Playmate, Crystal said she wouldn’t change her time as a centerfold model.“I loved being a Playmate!” she gushed, admitting that she looks back “and I’m like, ‘I don’t know if I’d make some of the same [decisions].’”But I was young, and it was a fun thing,” she continued. “I remember looking at Playboy magazines thinking, ‘These are the most beautiful women in the world,’ and to be a part of that, and then all of a sudden they’re all my friends it was cool.“It was a dream for me that came true. It was a lot of fun.”

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