Caitlin Sanchez Bio, Age, Dora, Net Worth and Movies

Caitlin Sanchez born Caitlin Ariana Sanchez on January 17, 1996 is an American actress, best known for being the second voice of the title character Dora in the Nickelodeon animated children series Dora the Explorer.            

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Caitlin Sanchez Bio

Caitlin Sanchez born Caitlin Ariana Sanchez on January 17, 1996 is an American actress, best known for being the second voice of the title character Dora in the Nickelodeon animated children series Dora the Explorer.            

Caitlin Sanchez Age

Born on 17th January, 1996, Caitlin is 23 years old as of 2019.

Personal Life

Sanchez started playing the piano at age four, and while at the Yamaha Music Center, won the Yamaha Corporation’s Young Composer’s Award in 2004 for an original jazz composition. Sanchez has also performed several times at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, Victoria Theatre, and has won the prestigious Tito Puente Musical Scholarship Award twice in 2005 and 2007. She has also been a multiple-winner and presenter at the Hispanic Youth Showcase competition held in New Jersey.

Sanchez, an avid jazz fan, enjoys listening to the music of John Coltrane, Thelonious Monk, Bud Powell and vocalists Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday. When NPR’s Robert Siegel indicated that it was unusual for someone her age to be a fan of Thelonious Monk, Sanchez responded that “He has this really unique style. He kind of hits the piano really hard. And I love his offbeats. Sometimes he goes on-beat; sometimes he goes off. He’s full of surprises.”

Caitlin Sanchez Photo

Caitlin Sanchez Dora Voice

Sanchez took over the voice role of the seven-year-old lead character in Dora the Explorer, in 2008, following the departure of the character’s original voice actor Kathleen Herles that year when she went to college. She was the luckiest to land the part among 600 girls who auditioned for the part. She voiced the character until 2010, when Fátima Ptacek took over the role.

Other than appearing in several national commercials, her other TV work includes as Lupe Rojas in an episode of Law & Order: SVU, (“Uncle” 2006) and appearing as Celia, the daughter of Carlos Ponce’s character, on Lipstick Jungle. Her film work includes appearing in the film Phoebe in Wonderland.

Sanchez performed the National Anthem at an NBA game at the IZOD Center on November 21, 2009.

Caitlin Sanchez  Movies

  • 2006: Law & Order: Special Victims Unit – Lupe Rojas (1 episode)
  • 2008: Dora the Explorer – Dora (TV series; 2008–2012)
  • 2008: Phoebe in Wonderland – Monica
  • 2008: Lipstick Jungle – Celia Vega
  • 2008: Dora Saves the Snow Princess – Dora
  • 2009: Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom – Dora
  • 2009: Dora’s Christmas Carol Adventure – Dora
  • 2011: Dora’s Ballet Adventure – Dora
  • 2011: Dora’s Enchanted Forest Adventure – Dora
  • 2012: The Secret of Atlantis – Dora
  • 2012: Dora’s Knighthood Adventure – Dora

Caitlin Sanchez Net Worth

She has an estimated net worth of 1 million Dollar.

Caitlin Sanchez Interview

Q. Where you a fan of Dora the Explorer when you were younger?

Caitlin: Yes, the show came out when I was about 4 years old so I definitely loved the show. I actually had a little Dora bedroom! It definitely helped when I auditioned that I was very familiar with the character and the show.

Q. What is your favorite thing about playing Dora?

Caitlin: My favorite thing about playing Dora is obviously recording the episodes and singing all of the songs in the episodes. Another favorite part is hearing all of the kids freak out when they hear me do the Dora voice. {My children did not freak out—my kids stood there, mouths open in disbelief, unable to say a word}

Q. Are you as adventurous as Dora? (This question came from Bobbie @OneScrappyMom)

Caitlin: Um, I don’t know, I wish I was, I don’t think I really am though. I don’t think I could swing from vines and save kingdoms and princesses…I don’t think I could really do that. But that’s why it’s really cool that I get to play Dora. I get to go into the booth and pretend to be this really awesome 7 year old girl who goes on all of these crazy adventures with monkey’s and foxes, but in real life I’m just normal Caitlin!

Q. Do you speak Spanish on a regular basis? (This question came from Amanda @) Confessions from Household Six)

Caitlin: Yea, my grandmother is the best and she’s from Cuba so she only speaks Spanish so I definitely had to communicate with her. So at home I speak regular Spanish and regular English so yeah I’m bilingual. I’m not fluent so it definitely helps being Dora because of all of the Spanish words on the show. I have to learn how to say them and pronounce them right so it definitely helps being Dora ‘cause I’ve learned a lot more Spanish being Dora.

Q. How does it feel when moms tell you that you (as Dora) have helped their children learn Spanish?

Caitlin: It makes me feel pretty awesome, pretty important! It’s such an honor to be playing such an iconic character that kids everywhere love and adore. It’s really, really special and the main goal when I record an episode is to make sure that I’m really communicating with them (the kids) even though I am just speaking through a microphone. I always try to make sure that I am speaking to a little kid through the TV screen. I do little things like slow down the Spanish and just talk to them directly and that’s why kids love Dora, because she talks to them directly and she makes them feel like she’s really talking to them and that is special!

Q. What is one similarity you share with Dora and one difference?

Caitlin: We are the same because we are both Hispanic and bi-lingual. We are different because Dora is very determined and very confident in everything that she does…she never gives up! Me on the other hand, I’m kinda lazy…I give up pretty easily!

Q. I asked Caitlin who her biggest musical influences are, and then joking I asked her if she was a Belieber—I loved her response!

Caitlin: I know it makes me sound totally lame and not hip or whatever, but I don’t really know any of his (Justin Bieber) songs. I’ve heard the Baby one, but I don’t really know any of his music.
I like Christina Aguilera a lot she’s an awesome singer, I like Lady Gaga. But Justin Bieber, I got like this close to meeting him at the Kids Choice Awards but I couldn’t because all of these girls kept coming in and attacking him.

Q. How did it feel to be nominated for 2 NAACP Image Awards and an Imagen Award for your role as Dora the Explorer?

Caitlin: It feels pretty awesome, because I get to go to all of these awards shows and meet celebrities and go on the red carpet. It’s really fun, you know what I mean? I’m homeschooled so I don;t get to go to the prom or anything, but the red carpet beats that…it’s just so awesome! And it’s such an honor that Dora is being recognized for her accomplishments and for helping kids around the world to speak Spanish. And it’s really good that the show’s nominated as well, I’m really happy to be a part of it!

Q. What kinds of roles do you see yourself playing in the future?

Caitlin: I want to play someone very, very sarcastic and smart—someone like Ellen Page’s Juno character, because that’s mostly me!

Q. Other than Dora who is your favorite Dora the Explorer character?

Caitlin: I really dig Swiper! I think he’s a really cool guy. He can’t help that he swipes and Dora knows that and she always tries to help him. Dora believes in him and I do too! I like Swiper…he’s pretty cool!

I want to thank Caitlin again for taking time out of her busy schedule to talk to me, and for making me the coolest mom ever in the eyes of two babies who adore Dora!