KM Communications

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KM Communications, Inc. is the owner of several television and radio stations throughout the United States. The company, based in Skokie, Illinois, gets its name from the first names of its President, Myoung Hwa Bae and her husband, Kun Chae Bae. Their son, Kevin Joel Bae, is the General Manager of the company.

Founded in 1988, KM Communications has grown to nine radio stations and 10 television stations, with construction permits for seven additional radio and nine additional television stations. The stations owned by KM Communications get their programming from a variety of sources, but the most common affiliation is with Westwood One for their radio stations and Youtoo America network for their television stations.

FM radio

  • KWKM-FM 95.7 MHz (Hot Adult Contemporary) St. Johns, Arizona
  • KTKB-FM 101.9 MHz (Independent) Hagåtña, Guam
  • WLCN-FM 96.3 MHz (Country) Atlanta, Illinois
  • WDLJ-FM 97.5 MHz (Classic rock) Breese, Illinois
  • WMKB-FM 102.9 MHz (Regional Mexican) Earlville, Illinois
  • KQMG-FM 95.3 MHz (Silent) Independence, Iowa
  • KHMR 104.3 MHz (Contemporary Christian) Lovelady, Texas

Low-power television

  • KWKM-LP channel 10 (Youtoo America) Show Low, Arizona
  • KWSJ-LP channel 12 (Youtoo America) Snowflake, Arizona
  • KTKB-LD channel 26 (The CW/Retro TV) Tamuning, Guam
  • WCRD-LP channel 44 (Youtoo America) Carthage, Illinois
  • WBKM-LP channel 46 (Youtoo America) Chana, Illinois
  • WRDH-LP channel 7 (Youtoo America) Holcomb, Illinois
  • WMKB-LP channel 25 (Youtoo America) Rochelle, Illinois
  • K34JH-D channel 34 Winnfield, Louisiana ( Construction Permit granted, not on the air)
  • K44HN channel 44 Winnfield, Louisiana ( Construction Permit granted, not on the air)

Defunct television stations formerly owned by KM Communications

  • KEJB channel 43 (Was MyNetworkTV) El Dorado, Arkansas
  • KCFG channel 9 (silent) Flagstaff, Arizona
  • KNJO-LP channel 6 (Was America One) Holbrook, Arizona
  • KRDN-LP channel 5 (Was Daystar Television Network) Redding, California
  • WPNG-LP channel 3 Pearson, Georgia
  • WPDW-LP channel 26 Pearson, Georgia
  • KHIK-LP channel 47 Kailua-Kona, Hawaii
  • WOCH-CD channel 41 (Was Charge!) Chicago, Illinois
  • WIIB-LP channel 7 (Was America One) Farmersburg, Indiana
  • WHFE-LP channel 18 (Was America One) Sullivan, Indiana
  • WKMF-LP channel 32 (Was America One) Sullivan, Indiana
  • WVGO-LP channel 54 (Was America One) Sullivan, Indiana
  • W44CE channel 44 Vidalia, Louisiana
  • KTXF-LP channel 5 Abilene, Texas
  • KPPY-LP channel 53 Beaumont, Texas
  • KCCG-LP channel 33 Corpus Christi, Texas
  • KETK-LP channel 53 (Was NBC) Lufkin, Texas (Was controlled by ComCorp-owned KETK-TV)
  • KSVH-LP channel 23 Victoria, Texas
  • KBEO channel 11 (Was RTV) Jackson, Wyoming (satellite of KPIF)