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Fox News is an American cable & satellite news television channel in the Ownership of Fox Entertainment Group, a subsidiary in the rights of 21st Century Fox. The accumulation was done in August 2013 reveals a number as much as 97,186,000 of American homes having the channel in their consistent watches. The Satellite, cable & telecom viewers always contribute to the high ratings of the channel. However, Fox News is distinguished from its subsidiary Fox Business Network which only has its broadcasts in US & Australia. The subscription-based US television channel is dedicated to producing news. It was founded by entrepreneur Rupert Murdoch back in 1996 to a subscriber base of over 17 million cable customers. That number has since grown to at least 100 million customers making it one of the most dominant news channels in the USA.

Fox News Live streaming

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Fox News Schedule

Fox News is live on air for at least 15 hours per day, it is headquartered in Rockefeller Center in New York City studio on Sixth Avenue. Whilst a large proportion of its content is focused on news reporting, it offers a wide variety of programmings such as America’s Newsroom, Hannity, and The Greg Gutfeld Show. In terms of its scheduling, it runs news-only programming from 9 am to 4 pm and again from 6 pm to 8 pm. Content outside of those hours often takes the form of opinionated commentary. [wp-rss-aggregator feeds=”fox-news”]

Fox News Politics

The Channel usually takes a conservative view on current and political events, their news personalities have helped to shape it as one of, if not the most, watched news channels on the planet. It’s dominance to it’s cable news providers due to its extensive coverage of the 2016 US Presidential election, with Donald Trump coming out on top. It is now perhaps the “go-to” network for political campaigns.

Fox News Business

This channel is officially known as Fox Business Network. It is an American pay television business news channel that is owned by the Fox News Media division of Fox Corporation. This network discusses business and financial news. Daily operations are run by Kevin Magee, executive vice president of Fox News; Neil Cavuto manages content and business news coverage. As of Feb 2015, Fox Business Network is available to approximately 74,224,000 pay television households in the USA.

Fox News Shows and Entertainment

Special Report Weekdays at 6 pm
The Story with Martha MacCallum Weeknights at 7 pm
Tucker Carlson Tonight Weeknights at 8 pm
Hannity Weeknights at 9 pm
The Ingraham Angle Weekdays at 10 pm
Fox News @ Night Weekdays at 11 pm
Fox & Friends First Weekdays at 4 am
Fox & Friends Every day at 6 am
America’s Newsroom Weekdays 9 am – 12 pm
Outnumbered Weekdays 12 pm – 1 pm
Outnumbered Overtime with Harris Faulkner Weekdays at 1 pm
The Daily Briefing with Dana Perino Weekdays at 2 pm
Bill Hemmer Reports Weekdays at 3 pm
Your World Weekdays at 4 pm
The Five Weeknights at 5 pm
Cavuto Live Saturdays at 10 am
America’s News HQ Weekends at 12 pm
The Journal Editorial Report Weekends at 3 pm
Fox Report Weekend Saturdays at 7 pm & Sundays at 6 pm
Watters’ World Saturdays at 8 pm
Justice with Judge Jeanine Saturdays at 9 pm
The Greg Gutfeld Show Saturdays at 10 pm
Sunday Morning Futures Sundays at 10 am
Media Buzz Sundays at 11 am
Fox News Sunday Sundays at 2 pm & 7 pm
Legends & Lies: The Civil War Sundays at 8 pm
The Next Revolution with Steve Hilton Sundays at 9 pm
Life, Liberty & Levin Sundays at 10 pm
The Property Man Special Feature
Fox Files Special Feature
Geraldo Rivera Reports Special Feature
War Stories Special Feature

Fox News and Weather Updates

Fox News Anchors and Reporters

  1. Alicia Acuna
  2. Manny Alvarez
  3. Kristen Soltis Anderson
  4. Raymond Arroyo
  5. David Asman
  6. Michael Baden
  7. Bret Baier
  8. Julie Banderas
  9. Ellison Barber
  10. Fred Barnes
  11. Maria Bartiromo
  12. William Bennett
  13. Guy Benson
  14. Jedediah Bila
  15. Lauren Blanchard
  16. Lisa Boothe
  17. Deneen Borelli
  18. Shannon Bream
  19. Tammy Bruce
  20. Gianno Caldwell
  21. Rachel Campos-Duffy
  22. Tucker Carlson
  23. Sara Carter
  24. Cheryl Casone
  25. Neil Cavuto
  26. Heather Childers
  27. Christina Coleman
  28. Emily Compagno
  29. Kevin Corke
  30. Claudia Cowan
  31. Janice Dean
  32. Jon Decker
  33. Peter Doocy
  34. Steve Doocy
  35. Ainsley Earhardt
  36. Rich Edson
  37. Mo Elleithee
  38. Mike Emanuel
  39. Harris Faulkner
  40. Matt Finn
  41. Kristin Fisher
  42. Ari Fleischer
  43. Melissa Francis
  44. Mark Fuhrman
  45. Trace Gallagher
  46. Charlie Gasparino
  47. Paul Gigot
  48. Newt Gingrich
  49. Lauren Green
  50. Jehmu Greene
  51. Jennifer Griffin
  52. Greg Gutfeld
  53. Benjamin Hall
  54. Sean Hannity
  55. Steve Harrigan
  56. Aishah Hasnie
  57. Pete Hegseth
  58. Jacqui Heinrich
  59. Bill Hemmer
  60. Ed Henry
  61. Steve Hilton
  62. Daniel Hoffman
  63. Alex Hogan
  64. Tom Homan
  65. Abby Hornacek
  66. Brit Hume
  67. David Hunt
  68. Jonathan Hunt
  69. Laura Ingle
  70. Laura Ingraham
  71. Gregg Jarrett
  72. Robert Jeffress
  73. Griff Jenkins
  74. William La Jeunesse
  75. Lawrence Jones
  76. Phil Keating
  77. Amy Kellogg
  78. Douglas Kennedy
  79. Brian
  80. Adam Klotz
  81. Anna Kooiman
  82. Charles Krauthammer
  83. Howard Kurtz
  84. Tomi Lahren
  85. Adam Lashinsky
  86. Rick Leventhal
  87. Mark Levin
  88. Mara Liasson
  89. Molly Line
  90. Bryan Llenas
  91. Martha MacCallum
  92. Leslie Marshall
  93. Robert Massi
  94. Dagen McDowell
  95. Angela McGlowan
  96. Britt McHenry
  97. Doug McKelway
  98. Jillian Mele
  99. Mark Meredith
  100. Judith Miller
  101. David Lee Miller
  102. Jonathan Morris
  103. George ‘Tyrus’ Murdoch
  104. Deroy Murdock
  105. Andrew Napolitano
  106. Arthel Neville
  107. Greg Palkot
  108. Jeff Paul
  109. Katie Pavlich
  110. Charles Payne
  111. Chad Pergram
  112. Dana Perino
  113. Walid Phares
  114. Todd Piro
  115. Jeanine Pirro
  116. Rick Reichmuth
  117. Jason Riley
  118. Geraldo Rivera
  119. John Roberts
  120. Ed Rollins
  121. Karl Rove
  122. Nicole Saphier
  123. Rob Schmitt
  124. Jon Scott
  125. Jonathan Serrie
  126. Eric Shawn
  127. Tom Shillue
  128. Carley Shimkus
  129. Marc Siegel
  130. Kiron Skinner
  131. Sandra Smith
  132. Gary Smith
  133. Dan Springer
  134. David Spunt
  135. Casey Stegall
  136. Chris Stirewalt
  137. Kimberley A. Strassel
  138. Jessica Tarlov
  139. Garrett Tenney
  140. Marc Thiessen
  141. Katherine Timpf
  142. Michael Tobin
  143. Gillian Turner
  144. Stuart Varney
  145. Leland Vittert
  146. Anita Vogel
  147. Chris Wallace
  148. Jesse Watters
  149. David Webb
  150. Juan Wiilliams
  151. Ted Williams
  152. Juan Williams
  153. Gerri Willis
  154. Robert Wolf
  155. Trey Yingst
  156. Byron York


Fox News Profile Summary

·         Market USA
·         Network Affiliates 182 Stations
·         Parent Organization Fox Corporation, Fox Entertainment Group, News Corporation
·         Founded 7 October 1996

Fox News Channel Affiliate Tv Stations

WXTX TV Fox 54   WOGX Tv FOX 51  
WXXA Tv FOX 23   WOFL Tv FOX 35  
WXXV Tv Fox 25   WNYW Tv FOX 5  
WYDC Tv Fox 48   WNYF-CA Tv FOX 28  
WYDO Tv Fox 8   WNAC Tv FOX Providence  
WYFX-LD Tv FOX 17/62   WMSN Tv FOX 47  
WYZZ Tv Fox 43   WLUK Tv FOX 11  
WZDX Tv Fox 54   WLOV Tv FOX 27  
WTGS Tv Fox 28   WLAX Tv FOX 25  
WQRF Tv Fox 39   WJW Tv FOX 8  
WRAZ Tv Fox 50   WJPR Tv FOX 21  
WRGT Tv Fox 45   WJKT Tv FOX 16  
WRLH Tv Fox 35   WJBK Tv FOX 2  
WRSP Tv Fox 55/27   WITI Tv FOX 6  
WSJV Tv Fox 28   WVFX Tv FOX 10  
WSMH Tv Fox 66   WVBT Tv FOX 43  
WPGH Tv Fox 53   WVAH Tv FOX 11  
WFLX Tv Fox 29   WUTV Tv FOX 29  
WFXI Tv Fox 8   WUPW Tv FOX Toledo  
WALA Tv FOX 10   WUHF Tv FOX 31  
WBFF Tv FOX 45   WTXF Tv FOX 29  
WBRC Tv FOX 6   WTVT Tv FOX 13  
WCCB Tv FOX Charlotte   WTTG Tv FOX 5  
WCOV Tv FOX 20   WTNZ Tv FOX 43  
WZTV Tv FOX 17   WTLH Tv FOX 49  
WXIN Tv FOX 59   WTAT Tv FOX 24  
WWCP Tv FOX 8   WSYT Tv FOX 68  
WXIX Tv FOX 19   WSYM Tv FOX 47  
WXMI Tv FOX 17   WSVN Tv FOX 7  
KMSB Tv FOX 11   KIDY Tv FOX San Angelo  
KMPH Tv FOX 26   KJTL Tv Texoma’s FOX  
KLWY Tv FOX 27   KJTV Tv FOX 34  
KLSR Tv FOX 34   KKFX-CD Tv FOX 11  
WACH Tv FOX 57   KLJB Tv FOX 18  
KXVA Tv FOX 15   KLRT Tv FOX 16  
KXTF Tv FOX 35   K38II Tv FOX 22  
KXRM Tv FOX 21   KABB Tv FOX 29  
KXLT Tv FOX 47   KARD Tv FOX 14  
KWKT Tv FOX 44   KAYU Tv FOX 28  
KVRR Tv FOX 15   KBSI Tv FOX 23  
KVHP Tv FOX 29   KBTV Tv FOX 4  
KVCT Tv FOX 19   KBVU Tv FOX 28  
KUQI Tv FOX 38   KCBA Tv FOX 35  
KTXL Tv FOX 40   KCIT Tv FOX 14  
KTVU Tv FOX 2   KCPQ Tv Q13  
KTVI Tv FOX 2   KCVU Tv Fox 20  
KTTW Tv FOX 17   KDFW Tv FOX 4  
KTTV Tv FOX 11   KDFX-CD Tv FOX 11  
KTMJ-CA Tv FOX 43   KDSM Tv FOX 17  
KTBY Tv FOX 4   KDVR Tv FOX 31  
WEVV-LD Tv FOX 44   KFFX Tv FOX 11  
WEUX Tv FOX 25 / FOX 48   KHON Tv FOX 2  
WEMT Tv FOX Tri-Cities   KHMT Tv FOX 4  
WDRB Tv FOX 41   KVUI Tv FOX 31  
WDKY Tv FOX 56   KFXO-LD Tv FOX Central Oregon  
WDFX Tv FOX 34   KFXL Tv FOX Nebraska  
WDBD Tv FOX 40   KFXK Tv FOX 51  
WAGA Tv FOX 5   KFXB Tv FOX 40  
WHNS Tv FOX Carolina   KFXA Tv FOX 28  
WHBQ Tv FOX 13   KFQX Tv FOX 4  
WGXA Tv FOX 24   KFOX Tv FOX 14  
WGMB Tv FOX 44   KFNB Tv FOX 20  
WGHP Tv FOX 8   KFJX Tv FOX 14  
WFXV Tv FOX 33   KTBC Tv FOX 7  
WFXT Tv FOX 25   KSWB Tv FOX 5  
WFXS Tv FOX 55   KSTU Tv FOX 13  
WFXR Tv FOX 27   KSAZ Tv FOX 10  
WFXP Tv FOX 66   KSAS Tv FOX Kansas  
WFXL Tv FOX 31   KRXI Tv FOX11  
WFXG Tv FOX 54   KRIV Tv FOX 26  
WFXB Tv FOX 43   KRBK Tv FOX 49  
WFVX-LP Tv FOX 22   KQDS Tv FOX 21  
WFUP Tv FOX 45   KPTV Tv FOX 12  
WFTX Tv FOX 4   KPTM Tv FOX 42  
WFQX Tv Local 32   KPTH Tv FOX 44  
WFOX Tv FOX 30   KPEJ Tv FOX 24  
WFLD Tv FOX Chicago   KOKI Tv FOX 23  
WFFT Tv FOX 55   KOKH Tv FOX 25  
WPMT Tv FOX 43   KNIN Tv FOX 9  
WPGX Tv FOX 28   KMVU Tv FOX 26  
WPFO Tv FOX 23   KMSS Tv FOX 33  
WOLF Tv FOX 56   KMSP Tv FOX 9  

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