Dan Plante is widely known as an American sportscaster and San Diego native who has been a part of the KUSI News team since 1994. With nearly three decades of on-air experience, Plante has become a familiar face to the viewers of San Diego’s KUSI News. Although he is known to cover everything from football and baseball to the Olympics and the NBA, he has kept most details of his personal life very private. In this paper, a look at Dan Plante’s personal life, his biography, wife, and fatherhood will be detailed.

Dan Plante


Dan Plante was born in San Diego, California, in 1958. In his early years, Dan attended Mater Dei High School, where he became an all-CIF quarterback for his school’s football team. After obtaining a degree in Journalism from San Diego State University, Dan Plante went on to work for several radio stations in San Diego, including KSDO, KFMB, and KOGO. Along with radio stations, he also worked as a sports anchor with KGTV before he moved to KUSI News in 1994.

Dan Plante has earned several awards during his career, including a National Emmy for the San Francisco earthquake coverage and an Edward R. Murrow Award for his reporting on the San Diego wildfires. In addition, Dan Plante is also a respected author, having written “The Perfect Season” in 1995, a book that chronicles a 1994 undefeated season by the legendary Mater Dei football team.

Career highlights

1. Covering the 1992 Los Angeles Riots

Dan Plante’s career highlight is his coverage of the 1992 Los Angeles riots after the Rodney King verdict was announced. He was one of the journalists on the ground covering the riots, providing live and exclusive coverage of the events as they unfolded. His coverage was hailed for its depth, accuracy, and bravery in the face of danger. Dan’s coverage of the 1992 Los Angeles riots earned him an Emmy award for outstanding journalism.

2. Winning an Emmy award for his documentary ‘Once Upon a Vision’

Dan Plante’s hard work and dedication to journalism earned him an Emmy award in 1990 for his documentary ‘Once Upon a Vision.’ The documentary focused on the work of a local ophthalmologist who provided free care to low-income residents in San Diego. It showcased the doctor’s commitment to helping the less fortunate and inspired others to make a difference in their community.

3. Covering the 2003 Cedar Fire

Dan Plante’s coverage of the 2003 Cedar Fire was one of his most notable achievements in journalism. The Cedar Fire was one of the largest wildfires in California’s history, and Dan was on the ground covering the events as they unfolded. His coverage provided critical information to the public, including evacuation orders and the latest news on the progress of the fire. His coverage of the Cedar Fire earned him another Emmy award for outstanding journalism.

4. Covering Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game and the World Series

Dan Plante’s love for sports journalism is evident in his coverage of Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game and the World Series. He has covered these events numerous times and was the first journalist to interview Tony Gwynn, a San Diego Padres player, after he won his 3000th hit. Dan’s coverage of sports events has earned him respect and recognition in the industry.

5. Winning multiple Associated Press awards

Dan Plante’s dedication to journalism has earned him numerous accolades, including multiple Associated Press awards. The Associated Press recognized his outstanding coverage of sports events, natural disasters, and politics in the San Diego region. Dan’s ability to provide accurate and reliable information to viewers earned him respect and recognition from his peers in the industry.

6. Creating the ‘Athlete of the Week’ segment

Dan Plante’s contribution to sports journalism is profound in the San Diego region. He created the ‘Athlete of the Week’ segment, which highlights the achievements of high school athletes in the region. The segment has become a tradition in the San Diego community, with viewers eagerly anticipating each week’s announcement.


Despite being a well-known public figure, Dan Plante has kept most of his personal life away from the public. However, sources reveal that Dan is married to Karen Plante. Karen, who is a registered dental hygienist by profession, has been married to Dan Plante for over two decades. They wed sometime in the mid-1990s and have remained married ever since. The couple has also been known to maintain a very low profile, and there are no further details about their married life or their relationship in general.


Dan Plante and Karen Plante have two children together; a daughter named Lauren, and a son named Matthew. Dan Plante is known to be a devoted father to his children, and he has shared some details of his children growing up in interviews. His daughter, Lauren, is now an adult and has followed in her father’s footsteps by becoming a reporter for NBC-7 San Diego. Lauren’s son, Dan’s grandson, was born in 2019.

Dan Plante has been known to be extremely private about his personal life in interviews and on social media. However, he has shared a few instances where he has shown his love for his children. For instance, in a 2016 interview for KUSI, Dan Plante spoke about his son’s wedding and how elated he was to see his son tie the knot. By his statements, it can be ascertained that Dan Plante is a loving and proud father.


Dan Plante has undoubtedly had a successful career in sports reporting in San Diego, earning many accolades and respect from his colleagues and viewers alike. Even though Dan Plante keeps most of his personal life private, we can assume that he shares a happy and private life with his wife, Karen, and his two children, Lauren and Matthew. Dan Plante has been known to share his love for his children in interviews, and from what we know about him, we can deduce that he is a proud and loving father.