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Bob Massi Biography

Bob Massi was popularly known as “The Property Man”, he was working as a Legal Analyst, Host. He was one of the most well-known legal faces in the United States.

Bob Massi

Bob began practicing law in 1980, he provided legal counsel and representation in the areas of personal injury, real estate, business law, Wills, Trusts, and probate. He was a candidate for the Democratic nomination to be governor of Massachusetts.

Born in Pittsburgh, Bob Massi also became a television personality, author, radio host, and public speaker with his incisive insight and shrewd wit.

Bob Massi Age| How Old Is Bob Massi

Bob was born in 1951, he died on February 6, 2019, with 66 years.

Bob Massi Education

Bob had to choose between studying to become a lawyer or a doctor and he said that it was more like does he wanted to go to medical school or Law School? When you’re 21 years old and say, if he want to be a doctor, it’s another 10 or 11 years and if he wanted to be a lawyer he will be done in three years and start getting into action. Nevertheless, Bob graduated from Mount Saint Mary’s University and St Mary’s University School of Law.

Bob Massi Fox News

In 1996 Bob joined Fox News Channel (FNC) as a legal analyst he was reporting to millions of Americans on some of the most high-profile cases and significant events of our time. His career as an analyst soared in 2004 when he went on location to cover the Scott Peterson trial. His work on that trial quickly led him to cover and report on more notable cases such as the Michael Jackson trial, the Robert Blake trial, the Unabomber and the Casey Anthony trial.

Due to his work, he was positioned as one of the nation’s most esteemed experts on the law. Deeply relatable with an undeniable candor, he added additional appearances to his already noteworthy television and media roster.

Along with covering trials on location, Massi expanded his analyst role with a weekly segment on Fox and Friends called “Shattered Dreams” in 2009. The segment covered real-time issues correlate with the real estate crisis in America. As the crisis declined, the segment was eventually renamed to “Rebuilding Your Dreams” which was designed to help millions of viewers surpass the real estate turmoil.

Fox News premiered Massi’s show entitled “The Property Man” in 2014. The show highlighted real estate news, trends and developments. Massi was providing viewers with invaluable insight and expertise on the trends of a constantly shifting real estate market in its third season on location in Arizona.

The show on Fox Business Network and Fox Network’s weekend lineup aired every Friday at 8:30 p.m. EST. He was on “Fox & Friends” every Thursday covering real-time legal and real estate issues facing America. Despite that, Massi was not limited to discussing just real estate.

Apart from covering all of the major trials in the last 20 years for Fox News, he was also analyzing and opined on political issues and speaks to a wide range of topics and current events. A 20-year cable news veteran, he had a natural talent of skillfully deconstructing a case and its events.

Bob masterfully recounts and was communicating in a clear and concise way effectively relating to television viewing audiences. Massi had built a reputation for being informative, charismatic and passionate about issues and rights.

Since 1980 Massi he was running his own law firm, Massi & Massi, in Nevada, where he was practicing civil litigation. He was also hosting the weekly “Inside the Law” segment on KVVUTV (FOX) in Las Vegas. He was also the author of the book “People Get Screwed All the Time: Protecting Yourself from Scams, Fraud, Identity Theft, Fine Print and More.”

Bob Massi Property Man | Bob Massi Attorney|Bob Massi Property

Bob was the Property Man” he brought viewers important analysis and answers on the real estate and housing markets.

Bob Fox News legal analyst and Nevada real estate attorney, provides his invaluable insight and expertise on the trends in the constantly shifting markets.

He was offering advice to homeowners who were dealing with declining property values and other problems following the housing crisis on the half-hour show. Industry experts had joined Bob to offer their analysis of property trends and deals.

Bob Massi Wife|Bob Massi Married

Massi had been married to his wife Lynn Massi, and they were residing in Henderson, Nevada. They have two sons together named Dominic and Robert Massi Jr.

Bob Massi Hair| Wig | Hair Real

His colleagues Chet Collier and Roger Allies commented on his hair and said, “Hey, kid, I like your style. Your hair’s a little long, but we’ll work with it. Massi told them, “For every zero, I’ll cut an inch off my hair.”

Bob is was well-known for his mane of white hair and says that it has become his trademark because people recognize him right away.

Bob Massi Death

Bob Massi who was a well-known lawyer and TV personality in Las Vegas died on Wednesday 6, February 2019.

Massi died after a long battle with cancer, according to a family friend.