Ashley Brauweiler Biography

Ashley Brauweiler is a meteorologist who has made a name for herself in the field of weather forecasting. She is known for her expertise and dedication to providing accurate weather updates to viewers. In this article, we will delve into Ashley Brauweiler’s life, including her biography, age, marriage, weather career, husband, wedding, family, Facebook, salary, and net worth.

Ashley Brauweiler

Early Life and Education

Ashley Brauweiler was born in the United States of America. Her exact date of birth is unknown, but she is believed to be in her 30s. Ashley has always had a passion for weather, and this passion led her to pursue a degree in meteorology.

She attended the University of Missouri and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in atmospheric science. Ashley later went on to attend Mississippi State University, where she earned a Master of Science degree in geosciences with an emphasis on broadcast meteorology.

Weather Career

Ashley began her career in meteorology as an intern at KOMU-TV, a local news station in Columbia, Missouri. After completing her internship, she moved to Sioux City, Iowa, where she worked as a morning meteorologist at KCAU-TV. Ashley also worked as a meteorologist at KDRV-TV in Medford, Oregon.

Ashley Brauweiler currently works as a meteorologist at WITI-TV, a Fox-affiliated television station in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She has been with the station since 2015 and has established herself as a trusted source of weather information for viewers in the region.

Marriage and Family

Ashley Brauweiler is a married woman. She tied the knot with her longtime boyfriend, Chris, in a beautiful wedding ceremony. The couple has not revealed much about their wedding, but they often share pictures of their life together on social media.

Ashley and Chris are parents to two children, a son and a daughter. The family enjoys spending time together and often shares pictures of their adventures on social media.

Social Media Presence

Ashley Brauweiler is active on social media and has a significant following on Facebook. She uses her Facebook page to share weather updates, pictures of her family, and her personal experiences. Ashley also interacts with her followers and responds to their comments and questions.

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Salary and Net Worth

Ashley Brauweiler’s salary as a meteorologist at WITI-TV is not known, but according to sources, the average salary for a meteorologist in Milwaukee is around $72,000 per year. As for her net worth, it is estimated to be around $500,000.


Ashley Brauweiler is an accomplished meteorologist who has made a name for herself in the weather forecasting industry. She has worked at various television stations throughout her career and has established herself as a trusted source of weather information. Ashley is a devoted wife and mother who enjoys sharing her personal experiences with her followers on social media. She is a testament to the fact that with hard work and dedication, anyone can achieve their dreams.